Lot#: 3379

BOR Casanova Delight

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Looking for a young herd sire with the charm of a Casanova and the strength of a bull? Look no further than BOR Casanova's Delight! With a lineage as impressive as his name, this young Longhorn bull is ready to make a splash in your herd. Sired by RL Obsession and born from the distinguished RJF Texana Tango, Casanova's Delight embodies the best of his lineage. His big-bodied frame speaks to his robust health and vitality, promising years of sturdy service in your pastures. Casanova's Delight has a personality as captivating as his appearance. Known for his friendly and inquisitive nature, he'll follow you around all day, eagerly awaiting a treat of cubes. Whether you're checking fences or just enjoying the sunshine, he'll be right by your side, ready to lend a hoof or share a moment of companionship. Look at that pedigree and see how he can change your herd.
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BOR Casanova Delight
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