Welcome to Bentoak Ranch

Our longhorn breeding program is to increase our odds of producing the very best Longhorns.  We are using the genetics from the most productive families in the Industry. This should assure the ultimate in confirmation, horns, size, color and disposition. Stop by for a visit to see our work in progress.

BW Platinum Bar

BOR Double Wrangler
RR ESCONDIDO RED 260 x RR Double Capriccio

BW Dustette
BIG WIG x Tora Dust

Marshall's Chocolate Chip
JP Grand Marshall x Hick's Cookies N'Cream

Red Hot Bar
RR Escondido Red 260 x MO-REFLECT-BAR

PCC Motivader x Reflect Lady

Please look through our herd and give us a call. We are interested in customers who want to breed quality Longhorns!


Don Huber
2525 Waldeck Rd
Ledbetter, TX  78946
Cell - 713-248-3848