Lot#: 3359

BOR Geronimo Ace

Date of Birth:
BOR Geronimo Ace, a promising young herd sire with the strength and charisma to lead his herd to greatness. Born into a lineage of distinction, Geronimo Ace inherits his exceptional qualities from his sire, WS Geronimo, and his dam, Pacific Kathleen. Dressed in a coat of striking black and white, Geronimo Ace's coloring is as bold and eye-catching. But it's his personality that truly sets him apart. Geronimo Ace is not just a formidable bull; he's also a gentle giant with a friendly disposition. He has a penchant for companionship and can often be found trailing behind a gator, eagerly awaiting a treat of cubes
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BOR Geronimo Ace
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Tip to Tip56.250003/10/2024  
Tip to Tip30.500002/25/2023  
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